Saturday, May 19, 2012

Doylestown, Ohio SENIORS


 instinctively want to stand out. They do not want their pictures to look like everyone else’s.We are interested in capturing great photographs of your Graduation, so relax... we do not want you to worry about complicated packages. we are centrally located in Doylestown, Ohio which enables us to support Wooster, Medina, Wadsworth, Canton, Akron and Cleveland . Photography is a passion we enjoy together. To be able to celebrate major events in our client's lives by capturing these special moments of their live with a remarkable photographs is an exciting, fun challenge for us. With every new photo shoot, we find new, vibrant, and moving pictures that will tell your story. Our goal is that you will not only treasure your photos, but that your experience with us will make you delighted, satisfied customers, which in the end will make us the happiest of all!

We would like to welcome Allison Cook to our staff she is an Aesthetician (Make-up Artist) she has experience working with numerous Brides and Models, getting Brides ready on their big day, and model for their photo shoots. Please let us know if you want to schedule Allison for your portraits sessions.

Now back to our story; The opportunity to work together has strengthened both our skills in photography as well as our relationship. Karen and I met when we were 30's. It wasn't until three years later that we decided to tie the knot. We were married on Margarita Island (off the coast of Venezuela) with a few close friends. 

I love taking pictures and  working on the computer, like Karen loves shopping, and well shopping. My love for photography started in my teens I just knew I would want to have a record of all those special memories. A great photographer is always learning so ask me about my most recent class. In addition to reading and attending tutorials to strengthen my craft, I also study the work of other artists. I am a PADI scuba instructor/underwater photographer and underwater videographer so I am aware of the most up to date styles and techniques both above and below the water.

Karen and I are inspired by life, and strive to make the most of our experiences from scuba diving, hiking family, church and friends. Our big German Shepard dog Titan is our baby, and he doubles as a cuddly companion. We are both incredibly grateful to God and Christ for all the opportunities he has put in Karen and our path. We are so thankful for the blessed life we have.

PSV Photography is the result of a life long passion for photography. I am a member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals). I will admit to being somewhat of a perfectionist and am constantly on the internet studying and seeking new ways to further improve and grow as a photographer. I am also an avid reader, so, if you like to talk books. 

As the other half of this husband and wife team, Karen's artistic talents complement Paul’s by offering an alternative creative perspective to each photography session, she is a perfectionist with an eye to detail and has an intuitive sense to be in the right place at the right time. The chemistry between the two of us results in one-of-a-kind photos that will truly capture the feelings and emotions surrounding your memories.

Karen believes photography comes from the heart and attributes her creativity to her mother and eye for details. Outside of weddings and events, Karen can also be found helping out at our church, military care is one off the many projects shes involved in and running our scuba business. Ask us about getting certified for your Honeymoon (scuba is a great couples sport). Karen enjoys her free time traveling, shopping and watching movies with our friends. 

Since the company’s inception in 2005, Karen and I have had the pleasure of working with many interesting people and shooting a wide variety of projects, and locations, including landscapes, engagements/weddings, seniors…nearly anything and everything to capture the essence of a special moment in time.

At PSV Photography you will receive excellence in both imaging and service. Paul and Karen do not think of themselves as “just your photographers;” they will take the time to treat you as if you are the only client. Because they are capturing often the most intimate of moments, they strive to build a close relationship with each and every client. The goal of each session is simple: make the experience simple and fun for you while creating a story that will be cherished for years to come. 

My wife Karen and I absolutely love photographing weddings and Seniors, it's equally important to Karen and I that you have a good time and feel comfortable being photographed. Ohio with is many seasons varied landscapes and architecture offers an exquisite backdrop for any portrait.

Contact us with any questions.

Paul & Karen Verbanick
PSV Photography

These student were at an affair at our church Crossroads Community Church and I would like to offer them a 25% discount on their pictures please contact us to set up an appointment and let us know about this web site to receive your 25% discount.

Emily Jeffreys & Travis Kerr
Brianna Wiese & Tyler Arrowsmith
Ashley Darnell & Bree Busskohl
Angela Klatik & Cody Tackett
Katie Powell & Tony Maggio
Jessica Fazenbaker & Kahlib Painter
Victoria Cain & Nick Perkins
Krystal Belka & Michael Sommers
Amanda Morneweck & Daniel Super
Crystal Smith & Noah Purdy
Julie Jones & Lucas Skoglund
Sam Hardgrove & Jack Gordon
Marisa Fluharty & Neil Zook
Allyson Tackett & Conner Anderson
Kristen Petit & Kyle Slussar
Izzy Farmwald & Joe Zahn
Maddi Farmwald & Zach Gasser
Alex Magyar & Nick Garbinsky
Rachel Benedict & Mike Cummins
Theresa Pierce & Alex Wiley
Makenzie Heitic & Denny Hanreck
Michaela Mc Endree & Alex Kurtz
Rebecca Wilhelmsen & Anthony Paonessa
Jessi Finley & Travis Busson
Jacquelyn Hecker & Justin Zollinger
Hannah Petit & Bo Whetsell
Abby Richmond & Chris Walsh
Linnea Ferris & Benjamin Easterling
Courtney Fluharty & Nick Spach
Rachel Durbin & Justin Walsh
Emily Badock & Jon Petit
Andrea Currey & Nick Hazzard
Gabby Data & Nick Vasilatos
Hannah Whisten & Joey Miller
Jenise Lemon & Jacob Bilinovich
Sierra Barr & Austin Lance
Sam Norris & Zach Proto
Kathryn Heitic & Kurtis Rastorfer
Amber Peters & Justin Weideman
Hanna Hall & Mark Bramley
Brooke Zoker & Bryson Hall
Andrea Bailes & Joey Morris
Brittany Stiles & Tyler Porter
Shelby Hall & Blake Zierau
Heather Richmond & Tommy Luke
Shelby Gonzalez & Todd Faulkenstein
Abby Lavery & Robbie Wilson
Kaitlyn Ward & Jonathan Lemon
Hannah Galehouse & Matt Hegenderfer
Heather Talkington & Tommy Luke
Jessica Rinker & Drew Bileh
Ashley Castello & William Schaffer
Emily Dunn & Dan Triner
Lorna Parks & Jeremy Kidd
Molly Zook & Zac Gray
Deanna Maggio & Sean Garrow
Corri Camp & Danny Camp
Julie Kruft & Logan Rodgers
Kori Wyatt & Jake Hance
Kourtney Kehres & Cody Busson
Angelina Murawski & Brad Tiffin
Jasmine Mallett & David Cole
Marie Bennett & Cody Decker
Linsay Rogers & Gordon Marshall
Courtney Pendleton & Dom Wilson
Jenna Reece & Joey Rose
Jordan Barnes & Austin Conrad
Josy Prager & Zach Thompson
Ellie Marino & Clay Gerber
Kaylee Ashley & Sam Murawski
Taylor Hornbeck & Jay Mowder
Alliee Leon & Jeremy Briggs
Treasure Hunt & Greg Barnes
Brooke Walker & Colin Myers
Jenna Hilty & Trent Abel
Tiffany Powell & Shawn Holliday
Kaitlyn Jones & Steven Jones
Haylie Jones & Austin Stutzman
Taylor Hunt & Tony Miller
Kendra Jett & Shane Zacour
Sarah Dannimiller & Colin Ferris
Hannah Simmons & Zac Lorenzen
Becca Zook & Makenzie O'Hara
Bri Whetsell & Clay Gerber
Alexis Dykes & Chuck Underwood
Sam Hatala & Eric Gravis
Brooke West & Ryan Hatala
Catherine Marty & Luke Truman
Holly Lepley & Chuck Morlan
Erica Crouch & Peter Linko
Beth Rebillot & Chris Horvath
Mallory Wood & Bryan Peterson
Ashly Shipka & Jordan Aufman
Jessica Crocker & Jon Rigsby
Amanda Richmond & Sam Manning
Chelsea Prichard & Kyle Gabriel
Hannah Hrivnak & Larry Crookston
Megan Paolano & Kendrick Eckman
Jelayne Pettett & Todd Fursik

Contact us with any questions.

Paul & Karen Verbanick
PSV Photography